Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's All Fun and Games until Someone Loses and iPad

I was surfing a site to watch TV with my iPad, when suddenly it completely crashed.  I got the startup screen and nothing else.  I called Apple and they walked me through some stuff, but nothing worked.  In the end, they said to send it back and I would get a new one.  So I left it sitting,on, because it wouldn't turn off.  Several hours later I returned to see that it had rebooted.  It was still acting a little wonky, so I restored it to the factory settings and it's been just fine ever since.  Just in time to update to iOS 4.2 this week.


D.B. Story said...

So where do I leave a comment on His Robot Girlfriend? A post about an iPad glitch doesn't quite seem like the best place.

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

You can leave your comment here if you like. You could check the "topics" list for HRG, and direct it to a comment there, but either way, I read it. :)

D.B. Story said...

I liked My Robot Girlfriend a lot, and a lot better than so many other "robot" stories I've read by other authors. The points I wished to make about it are:

1: Patience was so perfect that, except for childbearing, I was left to wonder how ordinary women would ever compete. She was forever young, sexy, willing, obedient (sort of, see #2), unselfish, and pretty much everything else for the perfect woman to be. That could be a problem in society.

2: Patience really did basically take over. She was off doing things (spending money, getting her own bank card, deciding when she needed the car) that were almost scary. Who is in control here? I never saw where she was given permission to do all that and would worry about a robot just running off on its own. Of course, that might be exactly what some other robot owners would want.

3: I was left wondering if Patience was typical of all Daffodils. I would like to think that she wasn't – that there was something that made her more special than just the average model, hence her owner had a very special relationship as a result with a very special robot. I felt that you'd opened the door to exactly this when it was revealed that Patience was one of (IIRC) 150 or so Daffodils who had overridden her identity theft programming to protect her owner, but I never saw what could have caused that to happen. Why did she and a few others manage to be so independent while the rest of the herd didn't? I would have really enjoyed knowing just what had happened to make her special.

4: I really liked all the names of the mag-lev train stations. I recognized almost all of the references, and I did ride The Star Trek Adventure myself a couple times in LV before it finally closed.

5: I had a recent d/l from feedbooks and I still had repeated text in several of the later chapters.

That was just kind of my feedback for this story.


Mr. Wesley Allison said...

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. I really enjoyed your point #3. That was something I had in the back of my mind that never made it onto the page and I think I need to address in the sequel.

I think out of 200 or so comments, you are the first person to mention the train stations. Thanks. I put a truly stupid amount of time into researching them and expected it to be just for my own enjoyment.