Monday, December 20, 2010

Does Opportunity Make the Thief - Or Visa-versa?

I've had a great day today.  I've been cancelling credit-cards and talking to the police.  Last night at about midnight a woman came to the door asking to use the telephone.  I let her use my cell but kept a close eye on her because-- well, because I don't trust people.  I was watching her very closely but I still turned away for a moment and she stole my wife's purse which was by the front door.  Anyway, she was so quick, I'm sure this wasn't her first rodeo.

We didn't realize the purse was gone until this morning and the thief had a chance to charge up about $550 on our debit and credit cards.  I expect we'll be reimbursed, but I won't be repaid for my time-- which in my estimation is about $250 an hour.  Can you imagine how much Rock Band I could have played in that time?

It reminds me of the story of the woman from the city, who along with her young daughter was walking along in the country.  When they saw a stallion mounting a mare in the pasture, the girl asked her mother. "What are those horses doing?"  Thinking quickly the mother answered. "One horse hurt its foot and the other is helping it back to the barn."  The girl thought for a moment and then said. "It's just like in the city.  You try to help someone and you get screwed."

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