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Guide to the Ladybugs

Ep!phanee Solo Albums

E-PARTY (1968)
E-Party was an unremarkable album of mostly dance music, featuring heavy drums. Almost all instruments were played by Ep!phanee. All songs were written and performed by Ep!phanee.
1. America
2. Jump
3. Action Inaction
4. Dance Dance Dance
5. Rope
6. Come and Get Me
7. Lift it, Swing it
8. Vertical
9. One Step
10. Princeton Prison
11. West Coast
12. Sunshine Divine
13. Walking Wonder
14. Shuffle

Experimental (1969)
As the title suggests, Experimental was filled with music experimentations, as well as bits and pieces of songs that should have been finished before being recorded. The one decent track was Pinapple Dance, later recorded in a much finished version on Rebel Girls. All songs on the album were performed by Ep!phanee with a rotating group of studio musicians. Ruth De Molay played drums on all tracks except Darkness. All songs were written by Ep!phanee except Burnt Umber with was by Ep!phanee and Ruth De Molay.
1. Pineapple Dance
2. Darkness
3. Burnt Umber
4. Trademark
5. Scream of Rage
6. Daily Life
7. Last of the Buffalo
8. Not a Man, Not a Brother
9. Early Life
10. Give Me Bread
11. Magna Carta
12. Request
13. Sand Dollar
14. Fire
15. What is the Question?
16. Somebody for Somebody

Det Underbara Fantastiska Svenska Albumet Som Jag Alltid Ville Göra (1969)
As a native of Sweden, Ep!phanee was determined to write and record an album in Swedish, which she did between the Ladybugs sessions for Platinum Dream and Matching Tattoos. The album was popular neither in Sweden nor anywhere else, though it has gained a cult following over the years as an (unintended) comedic album. All songs are written and entirely performed by Ep!phanee.
1. Jag Vill en Munk
2. Den Verkligen Verkligen Långa Sången
3. Jag Dricker Saft
4. Gör Kärlek i Badkaret
5. Stora Filmer på Filmteatern
6. Välkomna till Aphuset
7. Ett Stoppinköp
8.Jjag Tycker om en Mans Sak om det är Stort
9. Böj Mig Őver
10. Vaccuum Städerskkärlek
11. Två Gånger under en Bro
12. Du Ttog Tiden att Läsa Det

Virgin (1970)
The virgin album is far more famous for its cover than any of the songs it contained. Not content with the rather tame nudity displayed on Platinum Dream and Naked, Ep!phanee posed in full frontal glory on the front cover and full rear nudity on the back. The album was sold wrapped in a brown paper cover. All songs were written and performed by Ep!phanee.
1. Virgin
2. Song Garden
3. I Want a Donut
4. Trials
5. Apple
6. Customary
7. Ambulance Service
8. Deadly Games
9. Her Plea
10. Fight the System
11. Come Home
12. First Choice
13. Virgin (reprise)

Long Held (1971)
Sometimes (non completely unfairly) called Ep!phanee’s first real solo album, Long Held is so named because the vast majority of the songs on the album were written prior to 1967. All songs were written by Ep!phanee and most feature pop form of lead guitar, guitar, bass, drums. A number of famous musicians lent their talents though no records exist of exactly who played what on various tracks.
1. Make Your Donation #73 on the singles chart.
2. Science
3. People are the Same
4. Anxiety
5. Hystory
6. Imperfect
7. You Amuse You
8. Sanctity of Purpose
9. Riding the Reins
10. Our Place in the World
11. Living with God
12. The Secret Doctrine
13. Chances to Change #30 on the singles chart.
14. Never Mindful

Memories of Dust (1972)
The most successful Ep!phanee solo album, Memories of Dust was not without its bizarre experiments. The Hysterian National Anthem is a track that consists of a twelve minute long series of screams, while My Wish is 15 seconds of barely audible murmuring. Still, Cortez, After the French Kiss, I’m a Fool, and Darkness Always Falls are all solid songs. Memories of Dust was released as the only single. It climbed to number 3 before dropping to number 7, but it stayed in the top ten for almost two years. Since that time it has been listed as one of the most influential songs of all times in lists by critics and social historians alike.
1. Memories of Dust #3 Hit
2. Damnation
3. Cortez
4. After the French Kiss
5. I’m a Fool
6. Darkness Falls Always
7. The Hysterian National Anthem
8. Little Bit of Honey
9. Bringing it Down
10. My Wish

That Time in New York City (1972)
This album was recorded live in Central Park. Ep!phanee: vocals, guitar, piano. Florence Grabe: guitar, sitar. Sandra Bracegirdle: bass. Ruth De Molay: backing drums.
1. America
2. Pineapple Dance
3. After the French Kiss
4. I’m a Fool
5. Memories of Dust
6. Make Your Donation
7. Chances to Change
8. Hystory
9. You Amuse You
10. Damnation
11. Cortez
12. Darkness Always Falls
13. Memories of Dust Reprise

The Island Republic Band (1973)
This album was recorded at Thatch Cay, the first since Naked. Ep!phanee: vocals, guitar, piano. Florence Grabe: guitar, sitar. Sandra Bracegirdle: bass. Ruth De Molay: backing drums. Diana Montegnio: other. With this album, Ep!phanee began remaking some earlier experimental work into real songs. Not surprisingly, this was her best selling solo album to date.
1. America
2. After the French Kiss
3. I’m a Fool
4.You Amuse You
5. Ett Stoppinköp
6. Chances to Change
7. Decorating
8. Purging your Liver
9. The Family from Hell
10. Rice Wine
11. Women of the Congo #27 on the singles chart.
12. A Winning Christmas #80 on the singles chart.
13. Memorable for Me
14. Radio-Vid Ready

Favorite Attraction (1973)
Featuring a now standard band, Favorite attraction expanded Ep!phanee’s rock library. It surpassed The Island Republic Band in Sales and gave her her first number one solo single. Ep!phanee: vocals, guitar, piano. Florence Grabe: guitar, sitar. Sandra Bracegirdle: bass. Ruth De Molay: backing drums.
1. Favorite Attraction #8 on the singles chart.
2. Changed My Mind #1 on the singles chart.
3. Hanging at the Joint
4. My Birthday
5. Fireworks
6. Fat Lady
7. Stick out your Tongue
8. What’s Bothering You?
9. Wounded
10. The Wasted Land
11. Bluefish in the Sea
12. Sounds Within
13. Fair Play
14. Neanderthal #19 on the singles chart.

Overwhelmed (1974)
The final Ep!phanee solo album featured her regular line-up of musicians along with a string of friends. She returned to the Buddy Holly well and produced several popular new recordings of the old songs.
1. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care (Buddy Holly)
2. Love’s Made You a Fool (Buddy Holly)
3. Heartbeat (Buddy Holly)
4. She’s My Dream (Ep!phanee) # 41 on the singles chart.
5. Maybe Baby (Buddy Holly)
6. Oh Boy (Buddy Holly) #8 on the singles chart.
7. I’m Gonna Love You Too (Buddy Holly)
8. Lying Awake at Night Alone (Ep!phanee)
9. Words of Love (Buddy Holly) #28 on the singles chart.
10. The World’s a Stage (Ep!phanee)
11. Crying Waiting Hoping (Buddy Holly)
12. True Love Ways (Buddy Holly)
13. Midnight Shift (Buddy Holly)
14. Overwhelmed (Ep!phanee)

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