Thursday, December 23, 2010

His Robot Girlfriend - More Reader Reviews

by foober on

There's at least two more books in exploring this story (and ever-so-optimistic romance). Not to mention the potential conspiracy theory angle. Please don't give up on it!
Without spoiling anything, as a father, I have to say I got tears in my eyes precisely where you expect. It did feel that this rich vein was left unexplored. What really happened?
Hats off Wesley! Very much enjoyed!

by senthusiast on
Cute story. A nice light read for me. I enjoyed it.

by: Talisman on

This book is the first book that i read on my new kobo e-reader. I have to admit the story was real engaging from the very beginning. And I am glad that the story did not follow standard android type plots and moral dilemma's (Ok maybe the main character had a little guilt about her but not much) With that said the ending was great but very fast, I am with a few questions at the end- Perhaps intended by the author - the basic question i think is it different to fall in love with a "hive" robot- or one with individual quirks and free-will?

by: Charles Brentner on

I enjoyed this story. What man hasn't wanted to have the perfect fantasy woman at one time or another. I agree that a sequel would be nice. The characters are well established in "His Robot Girlfriend" and it would be interesting to explore more of what could happen in the world that Mr. Allison has created in this book.

by Awsome on iBooks

A must read !!!  It's also free!!!!!!

by Joel Noriel on iBooks
The book will start slow but this book really shows what the future could look like which isn't all that much different from our own.  But it is a fantastic tale which captivated me in more ways than one.  I love this book and if there is a second book I'm sure I won't be disaapoint.

by Me 4412 on iBooks

Couldn't put it down.  Can't wait for the next one!!!


Anonymous said...

This was my first book I read on my new IPad. I couldn't put it away.....I am waiting to read " My robot wife" keep those brain cells moving...great job

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

I'm just about done with chapter four. It is plotted to be ten chapters long, but may go a little longer. Of course that's just the first draft. Then comes the editing...

Виктор Комаров said...

Good book!