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Guide to the Ladybugs

Penny Dreadful Solo Albums

Never Stop Rocking (1968)

Penny Dreadful’s first three albums were filled with hard rock songs that hadn’t found room on the Ladybugs albums. Working with an all star band of rotating members, which included both Steffie Sin and Ruth De Molay, she crafted a series of well-produced works.

1. Analyze Yourself (Penny Dreadful)

2. The Once and Future Bitch (Penny Dreadful)

3. A Little Simplification (Penny Dreadful and Steffie Sin)

4. Tea Bag (Penny Dreadful and Steffie Sin)

5. Suicide War (Penny Dreadful)

6. Lives you Read About (Penny Dreadful and Steffie Sin)

7. Feel it in Your Heart (Penny Dreadful and Steffie Sin)

8. Legs in the Air (Penny Dreadful)

9. Great Minds Don’t Get You Anywhere (Penny Dreadful)

10. No One Won the Last War (Penny Dreadful)

11. My Rose (Penny Dreadful)

12. Sandbox (Penny Dreadful)

13. Never Stop Rocking (Penny Dreadful)

14. I’m Flattered (Penny Dreadful and Steffie Sin)

Waking the Dead (1969)

Labeled as a Penny Dreadful Album, Waking the Dead boasted all four Ladybugs playing on some of the tracks. All tracks were written by Penny Dreadful. The cover featured a female werewolf howling at the moon.

1. Binding My Feet

2. Lon Chaney’s Date

3. Waking the Dead #2 on the singles chart.

4. Blunder

5. Abraham’s Fall

6. Shocking Obvious Signs of Violence

7. Brutality

8. Raise the Rates

9. Swallowing a Bitter Pill #4 on the singles chart

10. Surviving the Revolt

11. Castor and Pollux

12. In the Year 2012

13. Peas in a Pod

14. The Once and Future Bitch - Reprise

The Ultimate Edge (1970)

The Ultimate Edge was selling well until Naked came out later that year. All songs by Penny Dreadful, along with a rotation of studio musicians.

1. St. Louis Steaks’

2. Take That

3. We’re all Yahoos

4. Signal Pipe

5. Eight Planets

6. Early Morning Accident

7. Exchange

8. My Body is Yours #20 on the singles chart.

9. Tasking Me

10. The Real Story

11. Dance Hall Shark

12. Old Kansas

13. Soul Mates

14. Intended Consequences

Beaches (1971)

Penny Dreadful’s first post-Ladybugs album was a more soulfoul melodic work than her first three, and gained great critical praise. It also boasted her first two number one singles as a solo act. All songs are written by Penny Dreadful. She and Steffie Sin performed all the music for the album.

1. Beaches

2. Across the Wave

3. Island of Discontent

4. Blue Water

5. Emerald

6. Dark of the Night #1 on the singles chart.

7. Injured

8. Family Gossip

9. Beauty and the Beat #1 on the singles chart.

10. Forgiven

11. Lost in the Stadium

12. Mine or Yours

13. Sorry

14. Periwinkle #99 on the singles chart.

Walking on Mars (1972)

Walking on Mars continued Penny Dreadful’s rise as a solo artist. Many popular musicians worked on this album, happy at the chance to collaborate with the Ladybug. All songs were written by Penny Dreadful.

1. Walking on Mars #1 on the singles chart.

2. Stalagmite

3. Colubus’ Second Voyage

4. The Art of Love #2 on the singles chart.

5. Daily Life

6. Claims on my Body #1 on the singles chart.

7. Church and State

8. Provocation

9. Sandstone

10. The Union of the Mind #6 on the singles chart.

11. Space and Time

12. The Visit

13. Timeline

14. My Journey

15. Recompense #1 on the chart.

Whetstone (1973)

Whetstone harkened back to the Ladybugs with several covers of Ladybugs songs, including the one by Ep!phanee. Interestingly, Ep!phanee was the only member of the Ladybugs not to perform on this album.

1. Adam without Eve (Penny Dreadful) #1 on the singles chart.

2. Drink it Up (Penny Dreadful)

3. Box Garden (Penny Dreadful)

4. Amaze Me (Penny Dreadful)

5. Amateur Cosmetologist (Penny Dreadful)

6. Friend of Mine (Penny Dreadful)

7. Enemy of Mine (Penny Dreadful) #17 on the singles chart.

8. Saratoga Twist (Penny Dreadful & Ruth De Molay)

9. Chopin’s Rock Song (Penny Dreadful)

10 One Under the Bridge (Penny Dreadful)

11. Power Station (Penny Dreadful)

12. Valley of Songs (Penny Dreadful

13. Rotting Garden of Eden (Ep!phanee) #1 on the singles chart.

Mercury (1974)

Mercury was completed just before the official reunion of the Ladybugs, though they all worked together to greater or lesser degrees together in the studio on the album. This album also without a doubt featured Penny Dreadful’s most sexually explicit lyrics. Carpetmuncher in particular was banned on radios worldwide and the Science Police registered 4,063 death threats on the singer as a direct result of this one song.

1. Carpetmuncher (Penny Dreadful)

2. Submissive Olive (Penny Dreadful)

3. Backside (Penny Dreadful)

4. Wonderful Feeling (Penny Dreadful & Steffie Sin)

5. Signals from You (Penny Dreadful)

6. Gatekeeper (Penny Dreadful)

7. Sister Missionary (Penny Dreadful)

8. Different Rivers (Penny Dreadful)

9. Mind Sweeper (Penny Dreadful & Ep!phanee)

10. Something on my Mind (Penny Dreadful)

11. Missing (Penny Dreadful)

12. Mass Action (Penny Dreadful)

13. The Midnight Song (Penny Dreadful)

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