Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guide to the Ladybugs

Ruth De Molay Solo Albums

Ruth’s Album (1971)
Unlike the other Ladybugs, Ruth De Molay had no backlog of songs written to fill an album and it was a year after the breakup of the Ladybugs before she produced one of her own. It was a solid album and commercial success. It was the first post-Ladybugs album by any band member to include several Ladybugs songs.

1. Left Handed Romance (Ruth De Molay)

2. I’m All Alone (Penny Dreadful)

3. The Yes Song (Ruth De Molay)

4. A Mute Appeal for Sympathy (Ep!phanee)5.

6. Savage Peninsula (Connie Dark)

7. Face in the Light (Ep!phanee)

8. Riot in Outer Space (Connie Dark)

9. Living with my Face (Connie Dark)

10. The Science War Song (Ruth De Molay)

11. Pep Storm (Ep!phanee)

12. Swan Song Reject (Ep!phanee)

13. Twinkle Twinkle (Taylor, Taylor, Mozart)

14. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Traditional)

Valley of the Cro-Magnon Women Soundtrack (1973)
Valley of the Cro-Magnon Women was a hugely successful comedy movie and though only two of the songs from the soundtrack album were featured in the movie itself (the rest were featured during the rolling credits) the album was a notable success for the “nice” Ladybug.

1. I Want a Caveman (Wanda Pilkin)

2. Zugg Zugg (Wanda Pilkin)

3. Here Comes Old Little Arms (Wanda Pilkin)

4. Sign of the Times (Ruth De Molay)

5. The Dark Valley (Wanda Pilkin)

6. Sometimes You Have to Club Her (Wanda Pilkin)

7. Harry Area (Wanda Pilkin)

8. Cro-Magnon Women are the Best (Wanda Pilkin)

9. No No Neanderthal (Ruth De Molay)

10. Will You or Won’t You (Wanda Pilkin)

11. Hungry Bellies Will Tell (Wanda Pilkin)

12. Friends Tell You (Wanda Pilkin)

13. Valley Women (Wanda Pilkin)

14. Sing a Cave Song (Wanda Pilkin)

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