Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update: Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 4

Here as you can see is the cover design for Book 4 of Senta and the Steel Dragon.  The title is The Young Sorceress, indicating that Senta is the title character of both book 3 and 4, but not number 5.

This is a much more Senta-centric story as the fifteen year old sorceress really stretches her powers causing a great deal of friction with almost everyone else in Port Dechantagne.  It's quite different than the other Steel Dragon books because in none of the earlier books does a single character occupy so much of the story.  Right now, I'm about halfway through chapter five, but I'm on hold as I finish His Robot Wife.

Book 5 has been essentially complete for some time and has much more of the flavor of book 3 which I wrote at the same time.  But it will require a major revision to fix any holes created by The Young Sorceress.

I would be interesting in hearing what you think of the cover picture for the Young Sorcerss.  Senta looks about like I picture her at that age, and the doll plays a small part in the story.

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