Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brechalon tops 4,000 Downloads

Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 0: Brechalon has topped 4,000 downloads.  It's free and you can get your ebook copy at,, iBooks,, Barnes and Noble,, Kobo, or Diesel Books.  It's also available in paperback right here:

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Mr. Wesley Allison said...

A quick addition, though you can still find Brechalon for free at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Kobo, it won't stay free very long. The price has gone up to .99 and it's already .99 at Smashwords and iBooks. Therefore it is no longer available at Feedbooks or Manybooks. If you want a free ebook, get it at Kobo or one of the others, but do it soon!