Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ebook Pricing

How do you decide how much to charge for an ebook as an Indy Author?  While publishers are charging $15 and up for big name, big promotion books it's easy to think your book is worth $5.  You've spent years writing it and getting it ready.  But when Stephen King is selling for $6 or $8, how can you say your's is worth $5?  I've been playing around with my prices as the market changes, mostly lowering them.

His Robot Girlfriend
Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess
Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Sorceress

These books are free and will remain that way.  For one thing, they are small books.  They are my early books.  And I have them distributed through so many outlets that it would be impossible to change them anyway.

Princess of Amathar
Brechalon (Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 0)
His Robot Wife

These books are (or will soon be) 99 cents.  Princess of Amathar is a longer book, but is my first novel.  Brechalon has been free since I published it.  It was designed as a lead-in to Senta and the Steel Dragon, but I think that most of my sales have been made without it.  Besides, as a free Indy book, I can't get it on Amazon, and that's where the exposure is.  I was going to price His Robot Wife at $1.99, but considering its length (30,000 words), that seems too high.  Plus I want it to sell.

Tesla's Stepdaughters

This book was selling at $2.99, but I've lowered the price to $1.99.  This seems to have boosted sales a bit and this seems to be the going price for most Indy books this length.

The Voyage of the Minotaur $4.99
The Dark and Forbidding Land $3.99
The Drache Girl $4.99
The Young Sorceress ?

The Dark and Forbidding Land is only about 2/3 as long as the others, so it seemed only natural to price it less.  For the moment, I'm keeping these prices as they are.  When The Young Sorceress comes out, I might consider lowing the price of Minotaur, but unless royalty scales change, it won't be by much.  You see at Amazon, books under $2.99 earn 35% royalty for the author, where as books between 2.99 and 12.99 earn 70%.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read, when are you planning on the release of His Robot Wife on iBooks?

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

Hopefully within the week.

eStar Books said...

Pricing can be a hard thing to figure out.
Have you read JA Koranths info on pricing? He has some really good data.

I would not feel bad about charging for a 30,000 word ebook.

I normally don't charge if they are under 4,000 words, ie very very short.