Monday, February 28, 2011


I found someone on eBay this week illegally selling one of my ebooks.  This one not the first time that I've found my work being pirated.  It's actually kind of flattering, especially since he was asking $1.25 for an ebook that I've been giving away for free on a half dozen different websites.  I contacted the seller and he took the listing down.  I contacted eBay and immediately got a legal run-around.  I really wasn't expecting them to do anything.  I just wanted to make them aware of it.  This was just one more time out of many that I've had problems with eBay and their "customer service."


Erisian ( said...

while that sucks, it is also kinda cool :)
Its nice to see that someone thinks they could make cash off your work.

glad you put them in their place. keep up the diligence!


how often have you seen theft like this?

eStar Books said...

I have to agree, kinda flattering even if its annoying! At least they pulled it down when you asked.

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

Absolutely. For an unknown author like me, it was probably better advertising than anything else, but I feel like I have to go through the motions to protect my copyright.