Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happiness is Knowing that Your Book is Selling

I am not an obsessive person by any stretch of the imagination, but if there is anything I obsess over, it is whether my books are selling.  I check my sales daily.  It's not about money.  I guess you could call it pride.  Writing is still a hobby for me, but someday in the distant future, I'd like it to at least supplement my retirement.

I have been selling more than a book a day on average for a while now.  I also knew that His Robot Wife would be guaranteed to sell.  After all, His Robot Girlfriend has been downloaded over 100,000 times.  Of course, it's free.  In the first two weeks His Robot Wife has sold 46 books, and its not even in iBooks or Barnes and Noble or Kobo yet (HOPEFULLY SOON).

I have to say that it's a really good feeling to get up in the morning and know that I will sell some books that day.  My personal goal is to sell 8,000 copies of His Robot Wife in the first year.  I'll let you know how that goes.


Floridastudent said...

I've just finished His Robot Wife and I love it!! Please give us another one! I can't get enough of the characters or the concept, both are fantastic. Keep this series going Mr. Allison, for sure.

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

Thanks so much for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Robot Wife and I loved it! I hope that this story continues with more books in the future. Both Robot girlfriend and wife were wonderful reads, well done.