Friday, April 15, 2011

Record Book Sales

I'm pretty excited.  My books are selling well.  Prior to 2011, the most books that I had sold in a month was 65.  Since most Indy authors sell fewer than 100 books, I wasn't too discouraged.  I write what I would want to read, and I think that most of my books don't have much of a "hook."  When people start reading them though, I seem to get pretty good feedback.  So I knew that at some point I would hook a few readers.  I also suspected that His Robot Wife would be the book to hook a few.

His Robot Wife came out in February, and I sold over 100 books that month.  Then in March, I sold almost 500!  Here (as I write this), April has just started and I've already sold over 500 this month!  As I mentioned before, most of them are in the UK, but also quite a few in Australia and Canada.  Thanks to all my readers out there.  I appreciate you.


John said...

I would love a sequel to this.
I really enjoyed it, even more-so than the first.
It feels like you have a third in plan from the way the story went.

Keep up the great work

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

I may very well write a sequel. All I can say is it won't be this year. I do have a title though.