Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tesla's Stepdaughters - New Cover & New Price

When I first published Tesla's Stepdaughters with a cover very much like this one, I included the description on the front-- "A bitchin' cool sci-fi rock & roll detective story."  My wife immediately objected to this, in particular the word "bitchin'," saying it was off-putting.

Now the book is selling just about as well as my other books, but the sales patterns are very different.  It's not selling as well in certain areas as the other books are.  So, I'm thinking maybe she was right, at least for those places.  Anyway, the cover is much the same, though without the descriptive text.

The ebook price is also now lower--  99 cents.  It's already dropped in price at Smashwords and Amazon and should follow soon at all fine ebook stores.

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