Monday, May 30, 2011

The New Nook?

I just got my April Kindle royalty payments (thanks Kindle readers, especially in the UK) and it happens to coincide with my decision to buy a new ereader.  I enjoy my iPad, but it's too big to stick in my pocket or carry to the gym.  I almost bought a Kindle, but the only ones at Walmart were the ones "with special offers."  If my device is going to act as a rolling billboard, they're going to have to pay me a hell of a lot more than $25.00 for the privilage.  I think I would pay twice as much for the non-"special offers" model.

Then Barnes and Noble announced the new Nook.  I wasn't that impressed with the original Nook, and don't care for a Nook 2 since I already have an iPad.  But the new Nook has some very cool features-- a screen similer to the Kindle, only with touch, the ability to add your own screen savers, and it is very small.  It won't be out until June 10, though so I have to wait and check it out before I buy one.

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