Thursday, May 26, 2011

Work in Progress: Blood Trade

My next book will be Blood Trade.  It's coming along nicely, despite my only being able to work on it after school-- on weekends I'm too tired.  As soon as summer starts, I'll finish the first draft.  I'm considering several professional editors for it, now that I'm making enough in royalties to actually afford one.

Blood Trade began as my take on a vampire story, but now that I'm in it, while it is chock-a-bock full of vampires (and werewolves), they are relatively incidental to the real story.  My three main characters, the good, the bad, and the ugly are all human beings.  This will also probably be my first story that carries and "Adult Only" warning.  It's very, very dark and very, very violent.  Of course nobody seems to give a crap about that.  There's also sex, violent sex, and rape which (at least here in America) freaks everyone out.  Hence the warning.

I am just finishing chapter five of thirteen chapters that I've plotted out.  When I'm actually finished with the draft, I may be down to twelve.  That often happens with me.  That will be about 52,000 words.  Tomorrow, I'll give you a little bit about the story.

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