Saturday, May 7, 2011

Work in Progress: The Young Sorceress

The truth is that I had to set this book aside.  The plot got so complicated that there was no way that I could work on it after school and on weekends and keep it straight.  It may be too complicated anyway.  I may have to start all over.  But if I continue as it is, I definitely need to wait until summer, when I can devote all my time to it.

When summer comes, if I'm nearly done with what I'm working on, I'll finish it.  Otherwise, I'll set it aside and retackle The Young Sorceress.  I need to get it done, because as I've said before, book 5 in the series The Two Dragons is essentially complete.  It needs a quick rewrite for continuity's sake and I might add a chapter or two.  Whenever I manage to publish the Young Sorceress, The Two Dragons should follow within a month or two.

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