Sunday, June 12, 2011

Characters: Terrence Dechantagne

Terrence is one of my favorite characters that I've written.  He is also as close to an anti-hero as I've written.  I originally conceived of him as a kind of Indiana Jones type guy who would carry the action for most of the Senta and the Steel Dragon series.  The truth is that he was rather boring that way.  He needed something, so I gave him an addiction.  Terrence is addicted to White Opthalium, a magical drug which takes him away to another world.  Once I started writing along this path, his character became much more interesting to me.  Here was a guy who is loved and admired by almost everyone except himself.  And because he hates himself, he becomes more and more antagonistic and hateful to everyone else.  People around him see him as a hero, but he can't see himself as anything but a failure.

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