Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Currently Reading: A Private Hope

Who is Kat Emmons?
Residents of Baylor, a northern Michigan town, are not only questioning who Kat Emmons is, but how is the 18-year-old high school senior able to find and print news before it’s published in the local newspaper? Kat’s previous articles lead to a state attorney general’s investigation into Chief Wayne Crawford’s police department, and now the Baylor board of education and its controversial new superintendent, Thomas Pyles, are in Kat’s journalistic crosshairs.
Kat, a private person who two years earlier transferred schools from Oregon to be with her grandmother, Anna Fletcher, lives with a past personal tragedy and the discovery of a buried family secret that consumes her daily thoughts and life. Under the guidance of her teacher Robert Bailey, she’s turned to investigative journalism to escape her demons and suddenly has become the talk of the town.

But the town faces its own troubling times, as well. Schools, in a financial crisis, may close; TB-infected deer have contaminated cattle herds; and the local cement plant now burns hazardous chemicals to stay open. While seemingly unrelated, these events are not.
Unbeknown to Kat, her articles begin a process that will unravel the town’s mysteries and expose a nefarious international plot of corruption and murder that threatens the town’s existence. No one in Baylor is safe; no one is protected. Will she find the truth? Will she also learn for herself the answer to the question on everyone’s mind:

Who is Kat Emmons?

Author R.R. Phillips is a friend of mine and has been very helpful with my own writing and editing, so I 've been looking forward to sitting down and reading this book.  I've been unable to find it in ebook form, so I'm reading my autographed paper copy.  More comments to come as I make my way into the story.

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