Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What to do about Senta

I've been having conflicting emotions and ideas about my series Senta and the Steel Dragon.  It was originally concieved of as a trilogy (or one three part work), but I've expanded it into six parts.  The final book has a very clear and definative ending.  It also has a long and complete epilog that details what happens to every character (who survives) the rest of their lives. 

I really like the epilog.  That being said, I decided about a year ago, that I wanted to continue the series and I made an outline that covered say ten or fifteen books.  I based this outline partially on the epilog.  If I made the series continue, then the epilog would have to be cut or at least be drastically reduced at the end of book five.

Lately I have had another idea.  Rather than continuing the story, I would write another five book arc that continues in the world of Senta and the Steel Dragon but would feature almost entirely new characters and take place in new settings.  One benefit of this would be a fresh storyline and another would be an induction of new faces, as many of the old ones have been killed off during the Senta and the Steel Dragon books 0-5.  If I go this route, I will still have to trim the epilog, but not as much.

If I do the new series, I will write the books in order this time.  That will make it a whole lot easier.

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