Monday, July 11, 2011

Work in Progress

With the realization that my writing is not going as quickly as I want, I decided to see exactly how far along on some of my projects I am.  It only makes sence that I work on some of those I already have started, or even near completion.  So here's how they're going....

Blood Trade -- draft about 70% complete (and damn it, I'm finishing this!)
Women of Power -- draft about 65% complete.
Senta and the Steel Dragon 4: The Young  Sorceress -- draft about 25% complete.
Senta and the Steel Dragon 5: The Two Dragons -- draft 100% complete (but can't publish until I finish with 4).
The Jungle Girl -- draft about 25% complete.
Knights of Amathar -- draft about 15% complete.
Cosmos: The Cygnus Gateway -- draft about 12% complete.
Nova Dancer -- draft 10% complete.
Sons of Armageddon -- draft about 10% complete.

Of course I have a few bits and pieces of things I've started and played with too, but if I go down the list the way I've got it sorted, I should be able to get the most done the quickest.  We'll see if I can remain disciplined enough to do that.

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