Sunday, August 14, 2011

Revision and Editing

As I work on finishing Women of Power, just a bit about the revision and editing process.  As I write, I solicite alpha readers (friends, family, and members of my writers' group) to give me feedback as I go.  I make major changes as I go along-- adding, cutting, moving sections around.  When the entire first draft is done, I have my beta readers (often but not always the same people) go back to it.  At this point, I'm not editing.  I'm revising.  I'm looking for changes to be made in the storytelling.

Once I've got the manuscript the way I want it, I give it a few editing passes.  Editing is much harder to do on your own manuscript because you know it.  You're very likely to skip over errors because you know what's supposed to be there.  If possible, I have my crack team of grammarians go over the manuscript again.  My final pass uses the program Text2Go to read the manuscript aloud to me as I follow along in the text.  I've caught many errors that I missed and many that editors missed.

Once all that is done and my story is ready to go out, it's a quick trip through the formatting machine (That's me.  I format it myself.) and then it's available to ebook lovers everywhere.

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