Thursday, August 4, 2011

Total Free and Paid Book Sales top 225,000

This month, my total paid and free book sales topped 225,000.  This is less surprising when you learn that His Robot Girlfriend has been downloaded (and sold in paperback) almost 173,000 times in and of itself.  What is great is that I sold 660 books in July-- not a record, but pretty good for me.  Next month, I'll hit the 4,000th book sold.

There was a spike in book sales (especially His Robot Wife) in May, and then it began to slide a bit.  Sales were better in July than June, mostly because of the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale.  Hopefully, with the release of two more books in the coming months, I'll be able to swing that graph back around.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I loved your his robot girlfriend/wife series! Is there going to be another release?! Please tell me yes! I just love the mike and patients stories! You get so emerse in them. You can never get tired of what a perfect woman patient would be. Thanks!

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

There will definitely be a third book. I'm just not sure how soon it will be. Feel free to check back here. As soon as I start, I'll be posting about it.

Anonymous said...

That's ok & Gosh! Thank you so much! That's amazing news (and a relief)! Your books have got me back into reading again (I think thats the sign of a truly great author). I've told a few of my family and friends to get the 2 books aswell and mentioned how great the author is (been reading some of your blog posts lol) and one even brought the second book on just my recommendation. Ill be please to let them know that another book is on the way in the series. What i really love more than anything about it personally is how much patience reminds me of my fiancé(you don't get a lot women like that these days lol), the love and devotion she shows to mike always makes me think about her and our own relationship. It's such an exciting book, you always can't wait to read the next chapter.
Hopefully soon, really can't wait but don't rush, it's a great series you've created! Thank you so much again and I wish you all the best in your writing career!

Terry from London

P.S It's amazing that the author got back to me :)

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

Thanks Terry,
Interestingly enough, His Robot Wife is selling about 4 times as fast in the UK as in the US. That might be because it's slightly cheaper, or maybe the Brits know a good book when they see one.

Terry said...

Really? Personally, I think it's due to a combination of a great author and the latter Wes. Whilst I'm here lol I hope someone makes a film out your books, could really imagine it being a success. I don't know why but I've always seem to picture Patiences as Gemma Arterton and Mike as this Grumpy looking old British actor who plays a school teacher. Have no idea why but it just seems right in my head.