Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Women of Power almost done, plus a new project.

I'm down to the last few pages of Women of Power and I expect to be done in 2-3 days with the first draft.  As I already mentioned, this story is already in pretty good shape, so it will probably be a quick revise and edit.  Look for a release date announcement soon.

When I'm done with Women of Power, I need to get back to revising Blood Trade and writing Senta and the Steel Dragon 4: The Young Sorceress, and I will, but as so often happens, I am also working on something new.  I skipped right over something I've been planning to start for months and started something I just thought up.

I was thinking about how much I enjoyed reading Edgar Rice Burroughs as a kid and how much fun I had writing Princess of Amathar, which was very much a tribute to Burroughs and John Carter of Mars.  Then I remembered that before John Carter, the first books I loved were Tom Swift Junior Books.  They were wonderful, simple, books that reflected their time so well-- the late 50s.  You can find authors on the web, who have revised the Tom Swift books to make them "up to date" and current, and that's fine.  I wanted to take that feel the books had and recreate it with my own ideas.  So my new book is about a fourteen year old girl inventor and her friends and their amazing adventures.  This will be my first real "children's book."  The working title is Astrid Maxxim and her Amazing Hoverbike.

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