Saturday, October 15, 2011

5,000 Book Sales

I was looking at some of my old posts and noticed that about a year ago I announced 100,000 sales.  That was cheating, because I was including free downloads.  As of this month, I've had more than 500,000 free downloads of my books.  That's great.  Of course the thing about free downloads is that most of them are just downloaded and not read.  People (myself included) don't put much value on things they get free. 

Much more exciting is that I've just past the 5,000th (paid) book sale.  To be exact, I've sold 5,285 books.  Since I got a royalty of 30 cents on most of them (though some of them I get as much a $2.09 on) I haven't gotten rich, but I'll be honest the extra money has been really exciting.  More important though is the fact that I think most of those sales count as actual readers.  I appreciate them as much as I do the reviews, feedback, and all the other help that I've received.

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