Friday, October 21, 2011

Dominic Zielinski

I love my characters.  I guess that's because they are my creations.  I like the heroes and villains both, but the characters I really like are broken in some way.  I had a lot of fun writing Dominic Zielinski, the former SEAL, FBI agent in my book Blood Trade.  He is one ass-kicking martial artist, but he's also pretty wacky.  He's got more than a touch of OCD.  He keeps his bills in order, first by denomination and then by serial number, and dutifully registers them on  When he takes the coins out of his pocket, he neatly stacks them on the dresser.  When he eats, he takes his bites in a particular order and has to have a drink of water after a certain number of bites.  He refuses to eat round food, though if he cuts up something cylindrical and the pieces are round, that's okay.  Incidently, the name Zielinski came from someone I knew as a kid.  I don't know where Dominic came from-- just seemed to fit.

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