Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Novelyne Cavendish

Novelyne Cavendish is a two hundred year old vampire who works as a secretary in Sin City Detective Agency.  I really didn't want this book to have a "good" vampire.  The whole basis of the book is that vampires are bad.  However, Novelyne is at least trying to be good-- to go "vegetarian."

Novelyne's last name is Cavendish because I wanted her to be distantly related to Xochitl, so an Irish surname seemed the best way to express that.  Her first name I have been saving for a long time to use on a character.  I originally heard the name from the friend of Conan creator Robert E. Howard-- Novalyne Price Ellis.  I changed the spelling as an in-joke... because she's a character in a novel.

Novelyne is short and blond, both because I wanted to play against the usual vampire type, but also because I was thinking about how people two hundred years ago were for the most part smaller.  I also gave her a little catch phrase of her own-- "He's really, really nice.  I really, really like him."

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