Monday, October 24, 2011

Xochitl McKenna

Xochitl McKenna is the main character of Blood Trade.  She is a private eye and Goth tattoo model in a very dark version of Las Vegas.  She is a former army ranger, and as such is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter and marksman, and she has a very personal hatred of vampires.

Xochitl's first name is Nahuatl (Aztec) for flower.  Her last name is Irish.  This reflects the family heritage that she barely remembers of a half Mexican, half African American mother and a blond, blue eyed father.

As a tattoo model, Xochitl is the canvas for her friend, tattoo artist Sid Case.  She has a variety of tattoos including a very fuctional tattoo of a cross on her neck, but Sid's masterwork is her right sleeve which features a pastiche of the macabre including the images of Stephen King, Batman, Betty Page, and Marilyn Monroe.

One little quirk that Xochitl has is that she can't leave cash laying around.  If she sees money, she has to pick it up.  This sometimes includes money in someone else's wallet.  Originally I did this because I wanted all the characters in this book to have some bizarre quirt, but it became something important for the plot.

Blood Trade is available wherever fine ebooks are sold for $2.99.  It is recommended only for adults.

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