Monday, November 21, 2011

Toby Bundersmith

Toby Bundersmith is the boy who has lived next door to Astrid Maxxim since they were both born.  He, like Astrid, is in ninth grade at Rachel Carson High School.  Though not technically her boyfriend, Astrid has spent many hours picturing herself as the future Astrid Bundersmith, and she thinks Toby is just about perfect.

Toby is one of only a few students in school to have his pilot's license, so he spends most of his Saturdays at the airfield trying to qualify on as many planes as he can.  He is a frequent participant in Astrid's adventures and when not actively involved himself, encourages her.  Toby hates to see anyone bullied and frequently sticks up for other kids, an act which always impresses Astrid.

Toby lives with his dad, who is an engineer for Maxxim industries, and his Great Aunt Gerta, who came to live with them after Toby's mother died of cancer.

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