Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brechalon: Nils Chapman & Karl Drury

Spoiler Alert

Nils Chapman and Karl Drury are characters in Brechalon, Book 0 of the Senta and the Steel Dragon Series.  They were both created for specifically for this book.

They are both guards in Schwarztogrube, the ancient fortress in which the Kingdom of Greater Brechalon imprisons wizards and sorcerors who either break the law or defy the govenment.  Chapmabn is a fairly innocouos fellow and Drury is vile and evil.  Both have the misfortune of being on Schwarztogrube while Prisoner 89 (Zurfina) is there.

When I was writing this I was thinking specifically of one particular detail.  Zurfina calls Chapman "my pet," a name she later reserves for Senta.  When we find out Chapman's fate, it adds a whole new level to the Zurfina/Senta relationship.

Both Chapman and Drury were names that have been floating around in my head for years.  Nils and Karl were chosen to reflect their ethnicity and personality. 

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