Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Lizzies

Spoiler Alert

In Book 0: Brechalon, we get our first look at the aboriginal people of Birmisia.  The lizardmen, or lizzies as the humans call them, are cold-blooded reptilians who stand between six and seven feet tall and have long tales which follow them as they walk.  They come in various shades of green and have an iguana-like dewlap below their chin.  Many lizzies live in relatively primative villages scattered through the great forests of Birmisia, though several large, important, and advanced City-States exist in the south.

Four lizzies appear in book 0, and all of them appear or are referenced later.

Ssissiatok is a young female.  She has a fascination with the strange humans.  She won't appear again until Book 2: The Dark and Forbidding Land.

Ssterrost is the leader of Tserich, one of the northern villages.

Tattasserott is a very large and powerful lizzie.  He is Ssterrost's enforcer.  We see him too in book 2.

Finally there is Toss.  He makes his only appearance in this book, but is referenced later on.

The lizzies are fun to write because they give me a chance to look at the humans from the outside.  Many of the lizzies hate the humans.  Some like Ssterrost see them as a means of acquiring more wealth or power.  A few, like Sissiatok, find them superior to their own kind.

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