Monday, December 19, 2011

Senta Bly

Spoiler Alert

In Brechalon, Senta is only seven years old.  Had she not been the title character of the series, I would have left her out, since the story takes place before she does anything of importance.  I'm glad that I put her in, because it gives me a chance to show a little of her world.  Senta lives with her Granny and five of her cousins in a tenenment apartment.  We see that even though she had no magical capabilities, she does have an affinity for magic and can sense it even at a distance.

Senta is described as an orphan in all the other books, but in Brechalon we get the hint that she may not be one in actuality.  It is possible that her parents simply abandoned her.  We find out the ultimate truth of this in Book 5: The Two Dragons.

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