Saturday, December 24, 2011

Zeah Korlann

Spoiler Alert

Zeah Korlann is one of the main characters in the Senta and the Steel Dragon story, and plays a prominent part in Book 0: Brechalon.  When we first meet Zeah, he is the head butler for the Dechantagne family, having served in that position since he was a young man.  His father and grandfather also worked for the Dechantagnes, as does his daughter Yuah.

Zeah is a member of the minority Zaeri religion and this defines him.  He also, at least in the early books, has a pronounced stammer.  This speech impediment is exacerbated by proximity to his employer Iolanthe Dechantagne.  Zeah is one of the few genuinely decent and nice people in the story and he makes a great foil to play off many of the others-- Iolanthe, Terrence, and even his own daughter.

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