Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brechalon: Very Minor Characters

Spoiler Alert

Here are the most minor characters who appear in Brechalon.  Though all are minor, some of them have more importance to the plot than others.

Barrymore: Barrymore is one of the butlers in the Dechantagne household.  I needed a name that conveyed a kind of patrician dignity (think Lionel, not Drew).

Marni: Marni is one of the Dechantagne maids.  There are quite a few household servants, but not all of them get names.

Blackmoore: Blackmoore is a drug dealer-- Terrence's go to drug dealer.  He is fairly influencial (feared) in his world of Black Bottom.  I don't know if Blackmoore is his first or last name, I assume, last.  His name is an homage to Blackmoor, the D&D adventure by David Arneson, who passed away while I was writing this book.

Mika and his brothers: Mika and his brothers are street toughs, who though they are minor characters, create an interesting chain of events in the story.  I tried to write Blackmoore and Mika with an Irish brogue.  I don't know if it came through or not.

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