Friday, January 27, 2012

The Voyage of the Minotaur: People at Enclep

Spoiler Alert

Enclep is a large island and the major stop on the way to establish the colony.  The HMS Minotaur makes the stop to resupply and adventures ensue.  Here are some of the characters from that part of the story.

Oyunbileg is a drug dealer the Terrence visits in the market at Enclep.  Evidently they have met and done business before.  I picked the name up somewhere-- it's Mongolian, I believe.  However, in our real world, I think it's a girl's name.

Mr. Critt is a Brech resident in Enclep.  He makes a brief appearance, but he is mainly there so that Augie can borrow his car.

Dr. Kelloran is the doctor on the way to the new colony in Birmisia.  She makes her first appearance in this chapter as she is kidnapped by masked terrorists.  She makes several other appearances in this book and the following ones.

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