Thursday, January 19, 2012

Voyage of the Minotaur: Terrence

Spoiler Alert

Terrence Dechantagne is really the star of this volume of Senta and the Steel Dragon.  He has a lot going on.  Yuah is chasing after him, as are a few other women.  Iolanthe is riding him constantly in an effort to make him stand up and become the man she thinks he is.  And his drug addiction is in high gear.

"Terrence's Jungle Adventure" is one my favorite chapters in the entire series.  Here, Terrence gets to play Indiana Jones and chase the bad guys, fight his way though a temple filled with baddies and traps, and rescue the damsel in distress.  The fact that he does this right after scoring his fix just adds another dimension to him.

Terrence has some great moments in the other chapters as well, becomming a hero, hunting down and bringing a bad guy to justice, and saving children from several types of predators.  On the other hand he suffers some truly horrible injuries-- physical and mental.  I remember reading the chapter of the great battle with the lizzies to a group of friends for the first time and feeling great satisfaction when they all stared at me in open-mouthed shock.

It may sound weird, but my favorite parts of this book are those scenes when Terrence falls apart.  He's really like a Greek tragedy.  He's fated to a sad end and it doesn't matter how high he flies in the meantime, he's going to fall in the end.

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