Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free Distribution

The other day I posted my total book sales.  Moe the Cat, friend of this blog, wondered how many free books had been distributed, so I thought I would look that up and post it.  Here we go:

His Robot Girlfriend                                              377,035 downloads
Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess            93,959 downloads
Eaglethorpe Buston and the Sorceress                     78,799 downloads

There have been a handful of paperbacks sold of each of these books, and there have been a few giveaways of other books, but that is pretty much it.  Sometimes I really wish I had 30 cents for each copy of His Robot Girlfriend, but I know it wouldn't have been downloaded so many times if I charged for it, and it has done its job of bringing me new readers.  I have plans for a couple of other free books, one of which should be available this year.


Moe The Cat said...

Thanks for the numbers, Wes. That's just what I was thinking: if you had a dime for every HRG sold, you could give up your day job! :)

Moe The Cat said...

And I didn't realize Eaglethorpe was so popular. Can't beat the price, I guess? It's nice that these freebies have trickled down to actual sales and exposure for your other work.