Friday, February 3, 2012

Minotaur: The Wizard and the Priest from Mernham Yard

Spoiler Alert

 One of the ideas that I thought was pretty cool, was when early on Zeah and Augie encounter a wizard and priest working for the police department.  They both use their magic to Sherlock-Holmes-out the mystery of who is killing young women, such as Abelina Gelford, near the waterfront.  They are also who clues in Augie to the existence of Zurfina the Magnificent.

If I ever get around to writing the sequel series to this one, I plan to have another pair of sleuths, if not the same two, as part of the introductory novella.  By the way, I just made up the name Mernham Yard to bring to mind Scotland Yard.

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