Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Voyage of the Minotaur: Old Ladies

There are quite a few older characters in Senta and the Steel Dragon, but here are a couple that I would term “old ladies.”

Spoiler Alert

Mrs. Gantonin is the woman who lives in the same tenement as Senta and her relatives.  When Senta’s granny dies, she goes to live with Mrs. Gantonin, because no other relatives will take her.  As I mentioned before, this idea comes from a similar situation that my own great-grandfather found himself in.  He was raised by neighbors when his parent died, even though there were plenty of relatives who probably should have taken him in.

Mrs. Phillida Marjoram is a nosy neighbor type who makes the journey on the HMS Minotaur to the new colony.  She is present mostly as a foil to other characters at whom she can act displeased.

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