Friday, March 30, 2012

The Dark and Forbidding Land: Cissy

When I wrote the Drache Girl, I place a fairly prominent aborigine character in the story-- Cissy.  I didn't have anything from her point of view though, so when I went back and wrote the prequel, The Dark and Forbidding Land, I put parts of it from her point of view.  This really fleshed her and the other lizzies out a bit.  Quite a few lizzie characters play parts in the story and here are a few of them.

Ssissiatok (Cissy) becomes Yuah's dressing maid-- making her the dressing maid of a former dressing maid.  Cissy more than any other lizzie identifies more with the humans than her own kind.  This is because she was always treated as an outsider by her own people.

Hekheesiatu (Kheesie) is another dressing maid in the Dechatagne home.

Tissonisuk (Tisson) becomes the major-domo for the Dechantagne home.  He is a fairly respected elder among the lizzies in the colony.

Sirruk (Sirruk) is a butler.  He's a spear-carrier character-- frequently present, though not vital.

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