Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Dark and Forbidding Land: Zurfina

Zurfina is the sorceress and mistress of Senta in the Senta and the Steel Dragon.  She appears fairly frequently in Book 2: The Dark and Forbidding Land.  This is also the last book in which she really has control over Senta, at least as a parent has control over a child.

In real life, nobody would want Zurfina as a parent, but she is very fun to write.  Her total lack of parental nature makes her unusual.


“Why is my house infested with children?” the sorceress demanded, though exactly to whom she was speaking was unclear.  “Why aren’t you all out playing in the snow?  It was my understanding that children adore it.”

“The tyrannosaurus is out there,” said Senta.

“Well if it attacks, you simply run in four different directions.  That way you have at least a seventy five percent chance of getting away.”

“Unless he can hop from one to the other of us,” said Senta.  “I doubt he would be as hindered by the snow as we would be.”

“Then perhaps you’ve made a good decision,” said Zurfina and headed up the staircase in the center of the room.  “Wake me for dinner, Pet.”

“Is she serious?” wondered Graham.

“About dinner?”

“No.  About us playing when the tyrannosaurus is about.”

Senta shrugged.  “You know she almost let me get eaten by velociraptors once.”

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