Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Drache Girl: Senta Bly

Senta Bly is the title character for the Senta and the Steel Dragon series of fantasy books.  In The Drache Girl, book 3 of the series, she is twelve years old and has finally come into her own a bit.  In this book more than any of the others, we see Senta as a kid, with friends who adventure with her around the town of Port Dechantagne.

Spoiler Alert:

Though Senta is really quite a powerful sorceress at this point, people aren't too afraid of her yet.  This is a major theme of books 4 and 5.  People know her and know not to cross her.  At least the people of Port Dechantagne do, and some visitors learn this during the course of the story.

Senta at age twelve was inspired by a string of skinny blond girls who came and went in my class.  One in particular came to school one day with her face all skinned up, and that inspired one of the chapters in this book.

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