Friday, April 20, 2012

The Drache Girl: Yuah Dechantagne

Yuah Dechantagne is a character in Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 3: The Drache Girl.

Spoiler Alert.

Book 3 is the mid-point for Yuah's story arc.  In many ways, it is for her, the high point in her life.  She has married into a high position in an extremely wealthy family.  What's more, she actually has a position that puts her above Iolanthe in some ways (because she's married to Iolanthe's elder brother, and therefor first female in the family).  This was a fun turn of events for me, because in the first book, Iolanthe is so horrible to her.  On the other hand, Yuah's low point comes at the end of the book as the only thing she has ever wanted is taken away from her.

Yuah appears only a little in book 4, not because her part isn't important, but only because book 4 is very Senta-centric.  In some ways her story carries on further than anyone else's, but you'll just have to wait for book 5 to see what I mean.

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