Monday, April 16, 2012

Update - The Two Dragons

Twelve of the 21 chapters of The Two Dragons have gone through final editing as I write this.  I keep making changes though.  I re titled the last chapter.  It was originally called "What Happened in the Years the Followed."  Since I ditched the long epilogue though, it doesn't make much sense anymore.  Anyway, here are the chapters.

1. The Social Event of the Season
2. Zurfina's Past
3. Mayor Korlann
4. Cousins
5. The Problems at Home
6. The Long Way to Tsahloose
7. Beneath Ancient Stones
8. Inspector Colbshallow
9. City of the Dragon God
10. Tsahloose
11. War!
12. Troubled Times
13. The Green Dragon
14. Father and Grandfather
15. Their Future Together
16. Sabotage and Murder
17. What She Thought was the Case
18. Panic and Despair
19. War Comes to Birmisia
20. What Happened at Iguanodon Heath
21. Return to Brechalon

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